Our Vision

Our big audacious goal is to help families thrive. We are confident that pet guardians will see significant health improvements in their animal companions through better nutrition. Ultimately, this will encourage pet guardians to invest in health and wellness for all of the members of their family.
Our Roots

Red Dog Blue Kat started in 2004 when six friends banded together to create recipes that supported the belief that their pets deserved better. This meant using real food, with whole ingredients, handcrafted with the same love and care they put into meals for their own families. They laid the groundwork for who we are today!

From the start, food safety, manufacturing quality and sustainability have been a core part of our company’s vision. Furthermore, we believe that to truly achieve our commitment to animal wellness we have to include all animals and the environment they live in. For that reason, we only use humanely raised meats, wild-caught fish and certified organic vegetables in our recipes.

At Red Dog Blue Kat we continue to be relentless in our pursuit to inform, support and enable pet guardians to make informed decisions to improve their pet's health!

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of who we are. They guide our intentions and influence every action, both in our personal and professional lives. They define us today and determine who we aspire to be as we grow and evolve. 
Balance is about finding the sweet spot that works in nutrition, in work, in play, in dealing with the bad and the good, and in how we handle stress and success. Living in balance isn’t always easy, but it is a worthy quest.
We actively give our attention, consideration, compassion, love and respect in every interaction we have with people, animals, and the earth.
To us, integrity includes key principles such as honesty, honour, good character, ethics, virtue, decency, truthfulness and trustworthiness. We aspire to live with integrity in every moment, to acknowledge and learn from our mistakes, and to do better each day.
Where We’re Going

We're committed to creating positive change in the pet food industry and the way we look at nutrition. We envision a world where all food is grown naturally, sustainably and is processed in a manner that preserves its natural nutrients. We envision a world where food safety is based on a natural balance and medicine is based on prevention, not disease and suppression.

We're making a substantial investment in educating all pet advocates and lovers about food processing, pet food safety, food quality and other aspects of the food industry that impact the value of the foods we feed our pets.

We pride ourselves on continual improvement in our processes and products, our professional and personal growth, and in creating respectful partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and retailers.