Beef & Tripe Base

Beef & Tripe Base

Our base beef formula contain a mixture of ground beef meat, tripe and organs. Provides a great base for making your own meals.  

No additives, preservatives, or fillers.

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This product is intended as a meat base for creating a complete meal. 

Available in ½ lb, 1 lb, and 2 lb sizes (227 g, 454 g and 908 g)

Beef contains the powerful antioxidant glutathione and several important minerals and vitamins including calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12. Cobalamin (vitamin B12 is only provided by meat).

Beef is also a source of L-carnitine which transports fats to the mitochondria for burning. L-carnitine isn’t considered one of the essential amino acids because the liver can synthesize it but research suggests that consuming it may have added benefits including a reduction in heart disease.

Lastly, beef gives your pet access to the amino acid carnosine which reduces inflammation in the body and boosts immune function.

Non-medicated beef meat, beef tripe, beef heart, beef liver, beef kidney, probiotic (lactobacillus casei K9-1, lactobacillus fermentum K9-2, inulin).


Canada (BC) Beef muscle meat Humanely raised without hormones
Beef organs (heart, liver, etc.) Canada (BC & AB) Humanely raised without hormones

Our goal is to ensure all animals are treated with respect.  We source from suppliers that raise their animals without antibiotics, but may administer antibiotics for welfare reasons in the rare event that an animal gets ill.

Moisture 68.62
Protein 15.80
Fat 12.91
Calcium 0.09
Phosphorus 0.13
Kcal/100g (Energy) 185


The table below provides a starting point, to be adjusted as needed to maintain optimum weight and peak conditioning. 

*PLEASE NOTE: This product is not a complete meal. We recommend adding your own vegetables and supplements to create a complete meal. 

Life Stage Amount*
Puppy 6-10%
Small Breed 3-5%
Athlete 4-6%
Adult 2-4%
Senior 2-3%
* As a percentage of body weight


Keep product frozen until ready to use. Defrost package in a leak-proof container (reduces the risk of cross contamination!) and leave in the refrigerator for 24 hours, or until soft through. We recommend serving in a stainless steel bowl as it is easier to clean, and does not have surface pores that may collect bacteria. Partially eaten food should be put back into the refrigerator after 20 minutes. Wash hands, utensils and all contact surfaces with soap and hot water.

*Poultry should not be kept longer than 2 days.
* Red meats & fish should not be kept longer than 3 days.

Calculate your pet's daily food requirements using our feeding guide!