Sarah_1.jpgAbout our Animal Nutrition Specialist, Sarah Griffiths, DCH

Sarah is the RDBK Animal Nutrition Specialist, a feline and canine nutritionist, a classical homeopath, and a published writer. She started her journey into animal wellness as a zookeeper and now has 20 plus years of education and field/clinical experience feeding and caring for wild and domestic carnivores. Her unique and deeply caring holistic approach to nutrition addresses animals as individuals and focuses on species-specific food planning.

Sarah has over five (5) years of clinical experience with holistic veterinary clinics where she provided nutritional consultation and other veterinary support services.  She has over 10 years of experence in the raw pet food industry and has published a number of articles related to animal nutrition and homeopathy articles in Dogs Naturally, Animal Wellness Magazines, and various online resources, including RDBK's Learning Centre.

She is currently completing a Clinical Pet Nutritionist program from the Academy of Natural Sciences (CPN