Research & Education

We love educating and inspiring you, as pet guardians, to invest in the best possible nutrition for your pets because food is a powerful and acknowledged means of preventing disease and illness. This includes diabetes, renal disease, obesity, digestive disorders, and even cancer! Statistics indicate that of any living creature, dogs and cats currently have the highest occurrence of cancer. We know that this negative trend can be significantly reduced by feeding pets real, minimally processed food.

We work with veterinarians and other industry leaders to bring current evidence-based, scientific information into our processes and to share that knowledge with you.

Our Thoughts on Science

One of the arguments we frequently hear that discourages pet guardians from feeding raw food diets is the claim that there's lack of scientific research to validate its benefits. We believe this argument is completely backwards!

The goal of science is to explain the awesome world around us! Science by definition is “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.” Animals have been eating foods from the earth for centuries, well before human civilization, without the need for scientific proof. So the premise that we need to “prove” that natural food is more beneficial than processed and artificially synthesized food is ridiculous. That's like saying that breathing through a ventilator or oxygen tank is better than breathing naturally, and then demanding scientific proof of the benefits of natural breathing.

However, science is incredibly useful for ensuring that we interpret and apply what we see in nature accurately. Food and the nature of nutrition is complex, and we are just skimming the surface in our understanding of this system.

Here's a few notable studies on this subject:

  1. Raw food and Longevity (
  2. DogRisk Research Group ‐ Chronic disease and nutrition (
  3. Fighting Cancer with Food (
  4. Dr. Karen Becker ‐ compilation of studies and information on health and nutrition (

See more studies here

the Road to Thriving

In many areas, science has led to amazing inventions and creations that have furthered our abilities (airplanes, cell phones, etc), but other creations have been a detriment to our health (chemical household cleaners, pollutants, processed and synthetic foods, etc). It's about learning how we can correct the path for our pets (and ourselves) to get back to thriving instead of merely surviving.

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