Our Pack

Inna - Red Dog Blue KatInna Shekhtman
CEO / Top Dog

Inna Shekhtman’s life changed in 2003 when she rescued an Irish Wolfhound/Great Dane mix from a local shelter. Naming the dog Adhara, Inna knew that large breed dogs had the potential for a range of medical issues due to their size. She carefully researched how to best take care of her new family member and that led to discovering the value of feeding dogs and cats a raw food diet. Inna brings a passion for raw food to her work and that, combined with her analytical mind and problem-solving approach to the business, has helped her to create an efficient manufacturing process that consistently produces high quality-products. Her science background is also an asset, as she has immersed herself in areas of animal health and nutrition.

Esther & SophieSarah & Rowan

 Esther (Pet Afficionada) & Sophie                       Sarah (Nutrition Specialist, DCH) & Rowan


Brenda EricBen2.jpg

  Brenda (Customer Service Guru) & Binx              Eric (Driver) & Ben


       Tanys (B.Sc. in Microbiology, UBC and Preventive Controls Qualified Individual, FSPCA) & Brody