Manufacturing Standards

Standards of Excellence

Quality is a cornerstone of our company and culture. We believe  quality products start with a selection of quality conscious suppliers, good manufacturing and food safety practices, and an ongoing company commitment to safety and quality at every step. That's why we're dedicated to leading the movement for higher industry-wide standards in food safety, processing and sustainability in pet food manufacturing.

Quality Conscious Suppliers

We purchase all our ingredients and supplies from federally and provincially inspected facilities.

Food Safety

In Canada, the human food supply is one of the safest in the world. However, when it comes to pet food, the regulatory system is mostly based on trust. When pet food is made and sold in Canada, the government simply trusts the manufacturer, assuming they have crossed all their t's and dotted all their i's. There are no legislated manufacturing practices or standards to follow, and there are no inspections or verifications required.

Because we are committed to continually improving our processes to meet and exceed standards for human consumption, in April 2017 we custom-built and moved into a state-of-the-art 12,000+ sq. ft. manufacturing facility. This facility increases our capacity to produce quality products and allows us to consistently deliver excellence in sanitation, food safety, streamlined processes and manufacturing sustainability. 

In 2018, we began implementing a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) system in our manufacturing plant to ensure we are meeting the highest standards of food safety and quality. Our compliance to HACCP was verified by a third party auditor in April of 2019. We are devoted to maintaining and updating our HACCP program and continue to conduct audits on an annual basis. 

Our Process

At Red Dog Blue Kat, we prepare all our recipes using as few steps as possible, because every additional processing step potentially alters the nutritional value of food. We focus on critical safety and quality steps that ensure the best product possible:

  • We process all of our products in a temperature controlled environment.
  • We blast freeze and vacuum seal our finished products to preserve the natural flavours and maximize shelf-life. 
  • We intentionally avoid excessive packaging steps that do not add real value or could potentially harm our products.
  • We DO NOT use high-pressure processing (HPP), dehydration, freeze-drying or any other step that may alter natural ingredient food values.
  • We DO use bacteriophages and species-specific probiotics, mimicking nature's way of keeping pathogens in check.