Misconceptions from Media About Raw Food Diets

by Inna Shekhtman in Raw Basics
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Media Influence & Misconceptions

"People are Warned Against Dangers of Green Vegetables!" That's the equivilent message of the latest sequence of CTV articles about raw food (1). If you ever saw a headline like that, you would probably do a double take.

We all know vegetables are healthy. Doctors, volumes of research, and good old common sense have confirmed this. However, fresh food does carry certain food safety risks, including contamination with dangerous bacteria. (The recent romaine lettuce contamination with E. coli in Arizona is a perfect example.) Despite those risks, we as humans are encouraged to make vegetables a staple part of our diet because the benefits of these unprocessed, whole foods far outweigh the risks. So why does this notion not reflect in pet food?

The pet food industry is the only industry where food safety is used as a scare tactic. Pet parents are bullied into feeding highly over-processed nutrientless food because real food (raw) has “bacteria.” 


Even worse, it’s also the only industry where trained health professionals recommend processed food as a healthier option than fresh, unprocessed food. Imagine your medical doctor telling you to eat cereal, processed cheese or microwave dinners, rather than a diet consisting of a variety of fresh vegetables, meats, fruits, and some grains. Think about that for a moment. Does that seem reasonable? This kind of ridiculous thinking is a present-day reality in the pet food industry.

A recent piece from CTV even goes as far as to say: “Avoid kisses from your pooch, as this transmits a lot of bacteria.” (1) WOW! I guess I shouldn’t kiss my kids after having a salad either!

Dogs have bacteria in their mouths, no matter what they eat. For crying out loud, they eat poop and lick their private parts, yet, we don’t see emergency rooms full of sick kids and adults from being licked by their family pet!

I am suspended somewhere between disbelief and outrage when I see reputable news agencies publish this kind of misleading and fear-based nonsense. This thinking goes contrary to any standard risk management strategies or health strategies that we use for our own well-being. It feels like pets are getting the “raw” end of the deal!

I think it’s time that we stood up to these bullying tactics and told them enough is enough!

Defying Scare Tactics

We need to do better for our pets – their lives literally depend on it. Our pets are dying from cancer, kidney disease and other metabolic diseases at an unprecedented rate. Food may not solve all of these issues, but it will certainly go a long way. (I am not making this up – all you have to do is look over volumes of science on human nutrition and health.)

Instead of villainizing raw food, let’s focus on how to feed our pets fresh food safely. Let’s embrace reality – bacteria play a role in health and wellness. Focusing solely on the bacteria strains that could potentially be harmful is an insult to modern microbiology – and to pet parents.

It’s time for us to stand up and say “STOP” to those – we’re talking to you CTV – who are spreading misinformation, inaccurate facts and flat-out errors about feeding raw pet food.

Are you in? Let us know what you think when you see something like the CTV piece.

CTV Article

(1) https://www.ctvnews.ca/mobile/lifestyle/pet-owners-warned-against-dangers-of-raw-food-1.3906716

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