We’re on a Mission

At Red Dog Blue Kat our passion and purpose is helping pets live longer and healthier lives.
We are doing this by educating and inspiring pet parents to invest in better nutrition for their pets. We know you love your pets like family ‐ we want to provide tools and information about pet nutrition so that you can make the best informed decisions. 

RDBK Food Philosophy

Our RDBK products are our passion put into action. We believe that when it comes to food, the quality of ingredients, where they come from, and how they're prepared has a direct and powerful impact on health and wellness. When it comes to processing, less is more: the less processing that food is exposed to, the more nutrients it retains. We believe that all ingredients should be functional and in their natural form.

Raised Meats
no Grains
or Fillers
Blast Frozen &
Vacuum Sealed
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